Origins of Yogalectic Yoga Fun

Yogalectic is Yoga fun and an Internet meme.

Yoga is a thousand years old tantric practice and science for health and higher consciousness. Now mainstream in many households in the new globalized world, yoga buds peculiar flowers and outright funny social phenomena.

Yoga serves a good and honorable purpose. At the stage of the physical postures, – asanas, it is the body and mind at play, which is fun. Real, innate, original yoga fun.

‘Man is only entirely human at play,’ the German poet and philosopher Friedrich Schiller once wrote. Yoga, in this context, is a mind-body play to explore our human potential. Let alone in the later stages, and meditation all dissolves into silence.

I have been practicing yoga for some fifteen years and always asked myself, ‘How can it be that so many yoga practitioners are so serious? Why aren’t they laughing at themselves?’

I one day found myself in a revolved bird of paradise (Parivrtta Svarga Dvijasana) when the teacher at the time said, ‘Now bend forward from the hip.’

My brain hit a wall in motor coordination, and I instinctively sighed ‘yogalectic.’ I was thinking of ‘dyslectic’ and had to laugh at myself. I had to laugh at the initial incapability of translating a movement from its version in the brain to a new, awkward position. The motor coordination will happen with focus, but this first moment of clumsiness is hilarious and refreshingly humbling.

After the class, I immediately registered the domain The original idea was to aggregate social yoga fun feeds to show the humorous side of yoga. While keeping in mind that when people say yoga, they mean asana practice, the purely physical side of yoga, and not the whole path to self-realization laid out in Ashtanga Yoga or Tantra.

This is how www.yogalectic came to be. Let yoga be fun.